So I made a comment on a video and a wild banana appeared.

Anonymous said: Since Lainey is off limits what is the point of these blogs now? Onision hasn't been as much of a dick lately as she has.

I’m pretty sure I said Troy is off limits, not her.


Or. You could NOT call your significant other “scum”. If you really love him/her, then he / she would admit that they cheated and it was wrong and if you really loved that person then you would make it work & work it out instead of holding a grudge & being angry at them for the rest of your life. What makes you think the person who cheated doesn’t deserve forgiveness? Yeah, they cheated and they were were wrong for it but you have the option to stay w/ your cheater & work it out or leave them and move on. 

But hey, it’s your life. There’s really no use in being angry or having all that anger eat you up inside. 

onision: MY advice > yours. 


-cough- onion!

Anonymous said: People should definitely leave the child alone. Parents, good ones at least, love their children with all of their hearts. I don't think there is such a thing as loving your child too much.

Anonymous said: Onision is one of the only people who liked the two posts on that youtuber confession blog, is looking himself up on here all he does with his life?


hes an egotistical prick who cant function without his ego being stroked so in a sense yep thats all he does with his life

what a sad excuse for a man

Anonymous said: Someone please tell Greg to stop self-submitting to "allyoutuberconfessions", considering he's the only one liking the recent posts so far (they appear on the beginning of the tag) and the atrocious grammar is quite obvious.



PFFF, I wouldn’t put it past him that he’s done that, honestly. I mean, I’m more than certain that he’s submitted asks to himself with sock accounts and shit for his own blog, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if he were using sock accounts to submit to those confessions blogs :p

Okay, so it wasn’t just me thinking that he most likely submitted that to youtube confessional.

Anonymous said: Thank you for that. I'm so miffed when I read people complaining that Lainey loves her son too much. These people obviously don't have children. To every parent their child IS the MOST important person in the universe and that's not an exaggeration.

Anonymous said: I have a feeling that if Taylor gave Troy formula instead of breast feeding him, she would still brag about it all over her twitter. I bet Gerg would probably go on long rants about how people who breast feed only do it because they "want to show the world their breasts all the time and are just sluts" or something idiotic like that (Also I really enjoyed your rant about Troy; he is in no danger and no child as young as him should be hated just for being born from Taylor and Gerg)

I have a feeling Gerg would mostly bitch about paying for the formula since it goes for $15 and up. “I have to be a good dad because I spend money I earned on milk for my baby!”

And thank you.

Anonymous said: do you think gerg is drinking lainey's breast milk too



Anonymous said: I don't have kids and don't know how they should be raised, but I am human and think it's a bit trashy that she wants to model her current crush band shirts and be taken seriously.

I agree with you. I think she is allowed to love her son how she wants, but to openly flirt and beg for the attention of another man is fucking childish and dumb.

I’m going to say this and be done with it…

Lately a lot of people have been writing EO and other anti-blogs stating their opinion on Troy and how Lamo and Gerg are acting towards him.

First of all, he doesn’t seem to be in danger or being harmed in any shape or form. It actually seems like Lamo really truly loves him. I don’t know how she raises him or what she does, but love does seem to be there. Who are we to tell her that she should or shouldn’t love her son a certain way?

There is a difference between the love between husband and wife and the love between a parent and their child.

Do not come here saying she shouldn’t or should love her son a certain way. That she shouldn’t carry him, feed him, clothe him, bathe him a certain way because it seems different. Everyone is raised differently and as long as he isn’t being hurt in any shape or form it isn’t really to talk about.

Troy is off limits. I refuse to talk badly in any shape or form about him. He is a child. Not Gerg or Lamo. I am not going to post anything negative about him so if you think I’m being stupid then you can pretty much fuck off and take it to another blog who will post it because EO won’t.

Anonymous said: I appreciate that Lainey loves her baby a lot, but I really hope she stops carrying him everywhere and acting like the sun shines out of his butt when he gets older or he could end up being a whiny brat like his dad.

See, I don’t see it that way. A parent is suppose to think the sun shines out of their kids ass.

I hope she enjoys the time she has with him and teaches him to be an independent grown man when the time comes. There is nothing wrong with spoiling your child with love and attention. Just teach them how to behave and act like an adult.

Anonymous said: "If you’re a pussy and you don’t want to get fucked, don’t click on an Onision video" - Onision, sounding like something a rape apologist would say again. "Bitch you ASKED for that pussy to get fucked by coming here".

The thing is he goes out of his way to check the hate blogs. EO isn’t blocked on his Tumblr and neither is my main profile since I’ve spoken to them both on it.

So, I say to you, Gerg… Don’t look at the haters blogs and you won’t get into a pissy mood and make tons of dumb ranting videos trying to prove something.