Anonymous said: Hey Onision... Are you a stop sign? Cause stop....

Anonymous said: Onision is lame. Seriously..? A fake breakup to troll hard and to cause drama? Its sad how teenagers are smarter than him. I want to see him on "are you smarter than a 5th grader." He would be so dumb and fail so hard

Anonymous said: I know sh did some crazy stuff but idk I feel so sad when I see photos of her x3. She was so happy looking and stuff and they seemed so in love. it just sucks that they couldn't make it work and are both total nutbags.

Why do you upload what's "no one's business" on your main channel?



Greg, it’s when you behave like this you appear utterly stupid in my eyes. Now why do I say that?



Unless my eyes are cheated by some spell (to quote my childhood hero) this right here^^^ is your main channel, and all those highlighted videos are videos…

Anonymous said: It is sad how Onision has nothing going for him. Since the divorce and break up from shiloh you can tell he doesn't even care anymore. He is using Taylor for sexual and emotional needs but its not working. He needs to quit youtube

For real.

Anonymous said: The divorce rate for second marriages are hovering at 60/67%. It's Lainey's first, so that probably helps their numbers, but they're both children of divorced parents ( that's 50% rate to divorce). She's under 20 that's 27.6% divorce rate. Having a kid bumps marriage survival to 40%. Still the numbers don't look great for their marriage. *The average marriage that ends in divorce lasts about eight years.

Oh, we all know it’s just a matter of time before he grows bored. I suspect it will happen when she gets a job and isn’t around all the time, if not sooner.

Anonymous said: It's so stupid how onion's bananas are getting so riled up from onion and lamey trolling them. "like omg guys you can't break up cause ya'll are perf together". No one gives a fuck for lamey the only reason bananas crowd around to support lamey is so that they can hop on to that last connection to the onion express so they can become the next lame rebound. God. He is a 30 year old manchild with a failing youtube career open your eyes children!!



Exactly what right does he have to complain about his fans wanting to get a glimpse into his personal life when he has a history and a penchant for expressing almost every intimate detail of his life for the world to see?

No, Gurg, you don’t get to suddenly act offended that you and your wife…

Anonymous said: in the videos taylor is leaving Gerg, but on the social media gerg is leaving taylor...what?

It’s fake.

Anonymous said: Wait. People are STILL asking if she's pregnant? Is she an Elephant or something? (Pregnancy gestational period of about 2 years. lol)


The Bananas are not good at keeping track of her pregnancy.

- NB

I see this question and “omg u n gerg r murried?!” all the time. Some smart fans they got.



Greg’s really leaving Lainey and his child because “his heart belongs to another”? Who??? Fucking Shiloh? Like… what? I’m actually really upset. I really like Lainey. She’s so sweet and quiet and chill. 

I’m just gonna keep my negative opinions about Greg to myself…

But can someone explain to me whats going on?


To everyone saying onision is a rapist, fuck off, you don’t know shit.


His own words, he will never stop loving her.

What the flucking hell.



Anonymous said: Are they staging a divorce in an attempt to get attention? Something tells me greggles didn't like all the attention Charles and Alli got when they split, so hes trying it with lamp now