Anonymous said: I really don't know why, but in onion's twitter pic he really reminds me of some kind of dinosaur, like a velociraptor....

Anonymous said: Since he responded to that bipolar question, and a lot of people recently have been saying that his "robbery" was staged, do you think Greg is going to make a post about it?

Most likely not because we noticed and since he reads this blog he needs to make it seem like he doesn’t.

Anonymous said: He hasn't actually put up a well thought up video that takes time to make for a while now. Like how can he spend all day editing these videos for the crap that actually goes up???

He is getting lazy and running out of ideas to steal.

Anonymous said: rape fail...he is so thirsty and youtube is not quenching his thirst. Should we even bitch about this or just continue to watch him rot and die?

We can do a little of both.

Anonymous said: Hey Gork, I know you're most likely reading this cause you're OBSESSED with your "haters" so I just wanted to say that you're NOT honest or funny or anything else you claim to be. You're an almost 30 year old loser who is going no where in life, you have no friends, no one who truly cares about you. The only ppl who like you are mindless 12 year old drones. It must fucking suck to be you. You're a joke, your wife is a joke, your entire life is a joke. I almost pity you for how pathetic you are



Anonymous said: Kind of strange (sad, yet still strange) that Lainey's grandfather died of an aneurysm. Didnt Greg have a phase of thinking it would be funny to post pics of himself claiming to have died from a brain aneurysm a few months ago?


Anonymous said: The robbery definitely looks staged, honestly. It's just one more thing for him to bitch about and make a scene. Because he's ~always~ the victim and the whole world is against him.

Anonymous said: So apparently Taylor's grandpa died of an aneurysm. Maybe all that joking about brain anuerysms from both her and Gerg will soften up that attitude about 'being offensive'.

Naw. It’s okay to make fun of others situations, just not their own.

Anonymous said: I know 100% that onion is a narcissist. He expects people to do favours for him and when people don't meet his unrealistic standards he dumps them whether its a gf or friend. They also have no problem dumping their significant other for someone who is "better" than they are. Plus he views youtube views and being partnered as a status thing rather than being grateful for even being partnered


Anonymous said: Do you think Taytay will have problems finding a job when she's older and still married to onion? I know I wouldn't hire someone who thinks it's okay for their husband to insult everyone with his ignorant beliefs… Maybe her future co-workers feel insulted! And by her saying absolutly NOTHING to him about this bullshit, it seems like she agrees with him,

Anonymous said: Onion only saying his packages were "merch" and having it sent to his old address is a little fishy to me. Idk, when he bitches about something, he's usually crazy explicit. So I always get a bad feeling when he tries to be secretive.

Anonymous said: Wow someone points out that Gerg might be bipolar and only a few hours later he tweets about bipolar disorder. Saying "You are not your condition". I didn't know he made it so obvious that he stalks all these accounts. Just wow.

Anonymous said: Why...did he leave the package...outside at night?

Anonymous said: Wow, he really does read this blog. He just posted something about being bipolar and not having an illness define you.