Anonymous said: I'm sorry, but I really don't like it when people insult Lainey's face calling her "ugly" and stuff like the previous anon did. I don't think it's really immature to criticize someone for what they look like because I am sure Lainey can't help it if she has "horrible skin" or whatever. If you want to comment on her, comment on her personality instead. Just throwing my two cents.

I personality don’t disagree, even though I think she’s plain as hell. But we aren’t in the business of being nice

Anonymous said: Do other famous youtubers, like Shane Dawson, have a hate page or as many as Onision does? Sure everybody has their typical hater, but not like what Onision has....

Oh no. Not to nearly the same extent.

Anonymous said: To the anon that'll be going through surgery soon, just so you know, we're here for you and hope for a full recovery. Love, everyone that cares. <3 This also goes for anyone/everyone that's going through hard/difficult times.

Anonymous said: It annoys me that potato does the ana pose with her legs. You know; put feet together and push out to give yourself a thigh gap. Well, either that or she's bowlegged.

Definitely the former.

Anonymous said: I've been keeping up with the onision drama for over a year now. Can I just say that I really like this blog :)

Thank you!

Anonymous said: one thing i've noticed about gregs videos is that whenever hes 'googling things' hes always in pajamas. its just proof that he doesnt leave the house. like this is apparently your job. take it seriously and actually get DRESSED to do a video.

Seriously. He gives no fucks

Anonymous said: You know I've been thinking about this and while Taylor is very proud and totally into being a new mom, Gerg doesn't say shit! Very little about how much he enjoys being a new daddy. In fact ..... Just that one video. Like wtf? My husband was so happy when our son was born he was beaming. And couldn't go on social media without saying awesome stuff about baby AND me! It's like all Gerg does is bitch, talk shit, be ignorant, offensive, and cruel, and is super angry. wtf Gerg? He's gotten worse!

I suspect he doesn’t talk about it because it ages him. Hard to be a preteen dream with a kid

Anonymous said: Remember that chick Gerg collab'd with (Asian American lady) that worked at as a bikini barista? Found this highly interesting article on Huffpo (can't link it in an ask) that they were busted for prostitution. It should be front page on the crime section/US

Submit the link

Anonymous said: Idk if its just me but I feel onion is on the down low cause he is giving up in a way

I’m not sure what you mean by giving up. I think he’s just convinced TayTay to be quiet since she’s boring and that makes for way less drama.

He surely realizes by now that a lot of his underage subscribers have lied about their age when creating YouTube accounts in order to watch mature material. What a manipulative sack of shit.

-fan submission
Shane Dawson Podcast Diss

Not sure if it’s been brought up or not, but Shane recently referenced Onion in his podcast when he and his guest host were talking about Youtubers. He wouldn’t mention names but you KNOW who he was talking about. It was a pretty hilarious zing because when the woman asked who the person was, he said “You won’t know who they are, anyways. They’re already working back at Wal-Mart.”

The first reference is at 25:31.

The second and the Wal-Mart diss is at 26:01.

I mean it could be other people I guess but the age, history with young fans and history with Shane suggests he’s talking about Onion. Just thought it was funny.

-fan submission

soupandsammy said: On twitter this morning, tay-tay is complaining she may have had a seizure...







LMAO, ask Greg? He’ll video it!!

*sighs and drops face into hands* …she wanted to be a doctor and she doesn’t even know about this phenomenon?

Read on, my lovelies.

For those who want the tl;dr version: Sleep paralysis happens to people all of the time. It has nothing to do with seizures. Lainey’s scaring herself and other people for no reason.

You know what’s stupid? I suffer from seizures. This shit just pissed me off - because if she wants to be a medical professional she better learn up on the signs of what a seizure is.

This disgusts me.

Is… She’s stupid. Sleep paralysis is COMPLETELY different than having a seizure. I’ve seen someone have an epileptic seizure and it was the scariest fucking shit.

Sleep paralysis is a normal thing that happens. Seizures aren’t and if she were really that worried, why didn’t she just go to the doctors instantly, damned be whatever Gerg had to say about it?

And she wants to become a doctor or some shit. Terrifying that she honestly doesn’t know the difference between things that she should be studying about.


I just noticed this video and DAMN, someone’s fucking bitter because, shocker, YOU WENT AGAINST FACEBOOK’S TOS AND THEY BLOCKED YOUR ACCESS :D

You’re a bigger fucking moron than I thought. I mean, wow, who would have thought posting shit pretending to be dead and misleading your fanbase would get your banned for a month?

Also, the other points you make? Slurs are hate speech, hence why that shit gets taken down once reported.

Go to a doctor. You have to take care of yourself to take care of your child.