Anonymous said: If gerg was half the "responsible" man he claims to be, he wouldn't have gotten a naive 18 year old pregnant. Just for the sake of himself because his time is running out, he is almost 30. But she had a long time to go before settling down.... So many missed opportunities. He is a selfish bastard. "But condoms dont feel as good" boo hoo, greg, neither does having an std or giving birth. He is such an awful, SELFISH, old man.

Anonymous said: What does her 27 tattoo stand for?


Laineybot says that they were dating February 27th.

Note: I screenshot this but I was in tinychat chatting away so…

And then there was this reblog about March 27th.

Something about dating.

- NB

Anonymous said: yay! counter and vistors countries are back :) thanks! i like it!

I think it’s been there awhile?

Anonymous said: Kind of random but was thinking about why you guys think greg still loves sh. I just want more input cause i honestly think he doesnt love this girl he is with now

Gerg doesn’t love anyone besides himself.

Anonymous said: I wanna see a screen shot of her proposing to gerg on twitter! Like wtf who does thag


I think it was on her old Twitter. Don’t know, but I think it should be on one of DSSCTM’s videos. Be right back.

- NB

chaoticsweetheart said: How did you and Greg start talking? :] I'd love to hear the love story!



Through Twitter

Here’s the story. I emotionally cheated on my then BF David as I threw myself at a strange man online. I then got engaged to this man I had never even seen only a month after online dating. He then came down to have sex with 17 yr old me. It was so romantic

Anonymous said: You said in a reply to OD one time that there was a man who pretty much catfished Onision into accepting a nude from a fake 17-year-old, would you mind elaborating? What happened/when did that happen, and how do you know about it? Sorry I've never heard about this before, so I'm kind of curious .-. Hope you don't mind



There was someone who posed as a 17 year old. He made this Facebook post on May 8, 2013.


But there is something he is not telling us.

Here’s what I look like lol

- the email.


Not realizing she had already attached a photo of herself.

- Onision

- NB

Edit: The email was received on May 6 2013.

He asks why haters would send underage pornography as the girl was 17 yet he had sex with two 17 yr old girls.

Anonymous said: ok what's going on I'm reading all of these comments about lainey and greg staging a break up?

Basically what it looks like. Gerg using the old divorce “joke” for attention.

alyssa111502 said: Do you ever think about being a Youtuber yourself? It would be cool


No. YouTube is not a place for me. I don’t like being on camera. I Will not be making a channel now or ever.

I don’t like being on camera, but omg take millions of pictures of myself!



Lmao all these anti-Onision blogs….guys you’re all like thirty why can’t you drink a mojito and think about greater good and FUCK OFF

Most of us aren’t 30, though, like Gerg is. I mean, he’s the one trashing people’s names constantly and is a huge transphobe, homophobe, biphobe and this is on top of being racist and sexist and abusive and being a mother fucking RAPIST. I mean, have you considers just why he has as much backlash as he does for what he says?

Ahh zee thirst. I’d rather be “thirsty” then ten feet up Gergs ass.

Anonymous said: I have been in a relationship where the guy i was seeing was wanting to "fake breakup" and tell people we broke up when we didn't. It is honestly a load of crap and i didn't buy into it. Its just a way for them to make some sort of lame excuse to not "hurt" you or they're fishing around for another potential "catch"

Anonymous said: Why do these morons think it's trendy to take pictures in the bathtub; most likely in the nude? Also, who watches the baby while these two act like idiots for the sake of the right "selfie"?

Anonymous said: Gerg's ability to play his fans like fiddles is unsettling. He knows that his fans are a different breed of sheep; they watch 10 Things I Hate About Youtubers and point to other youtubers/fanbases as examples of such atrocities, all the while failing to acknowledge that Gerg himself is the epitome of what he "hates". Love is blind, Gerg knows this, and he uses videos like this to maintain the fangirls' loyalty, as well as deflect negative attention off of himself. Three words: pro cult leader.

All I have to say is… never accept Kool-Aid from him.



i remember when i used to watch this guys videos on rape and how it “wasnt funny” and was “never the victims fault” and “was worse than murder to him”

this guy is an absolute piece of fucking garbage and i dont give a shit about your “OMG!!! ITS COMEDY!!!! CALM DOWN!!!! BANANA POWER!!!!!” because shit like this shouldnt be joked about especially when you supposedly think so lowly of sexual assault and think its worse than murder

never hated this ignorant piece of shit more

That’s a good point. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone so eager to make a mockery out of what they supposedly find to be “worse than murder”, which he says in this video and this video for example (in case anyone wants to hear it for themselves). He also says frequently that he’d “rather die than be raped” (in this video for example).

It’s odd how he can consider himself such a supporter of rape victims yet have them be reminded of what most likely was the worst experience in their life, just so he can have a laugh for a few seconds. It’s just utterly appalling and to me it doesn’t matter that it’s comedy and that he thinks it can’t be criticized, the fact he makes these kind of jokes so mindlessly is all I’ll ever need to know to come to the conclusion that he’s no supporter of rape victims. He is a supporter of his own significance and it seems he will say or do almost anything to stay significant, regardless of in what light people will see him.

He values a laugh at the expense of rape victims higher than for him to actually make a tiny effort and show that he is indeed a supporter of rape victims. He’s self-centered and immature. I think he is worse than he has ever been and yet he still keeps rushing downhill. 

How people can think he is a good guy is beyond me and will most likely always stay there.


·they don’t call it the south for nothing·