Requested video where Onision talks shit about his ex and laughs at the idea that she could claim to be raped since she had so many partners.

A Horrible Rebound is the video title.

i couldn’t get through this…. he is so disgusting, it literally makes me wanna vomit


Let us not forget where Onision spammed his ex’s voicemail and admitted that everything in her letter was the truth.

Anonymous said: I almost want to reach out to Taylor and help her get away from Onion Gurg... She's not perfect, but no one deserves Onion's abusive ass and "her not leaving him sooner" sure as hell doesn't mean she was ASKING for it. She probably still dislikes anti-os though.

We’ve all tried. She didn’t want the help.

Anonymous said: Okay either they are splitting up and that's why he is kissing lamo's ass on twitter right now or her family finally dragged her back home. Idk. I really hope that girl and her baby are far away from him.


"Onision is kissing his wifes ass on Facebook again. Things must be bad."
— Submission.

Anonymous said: statuses about his wife eh?

Anonymous said: How many followers do you guys have?

Anonymous said: So where do you stand on some guy?

"I know that I would always have up a picture, whether it be profile picture, cover photo, or header of myself with my partner as a way of showing “HEY. BACK OFF. IN A RELATIONSHIP.” The only ever time I would change it would be when we were on the verge of splitting, so seeing somebody like Lainey doing something like that after all this silence, I think she might have actually had enough. Or her family got involved. This is way past “lol we’re brakin up haha”, even for her."
— Submission.
"Literally the only thing keeping him from being exactly like my real (shitty) dad is the fact that he doesn’t drink or smoke crack. Everything else is like looking at a younger version of my dad. Pathetic."
— Submission.

Anonymous said: By saying his followers aren't smart is insulting himself actually, if you put out intelligent content you would have intelligent followers Greg, it's a reflection on you.

Anonymous said: I feel like shit is about to explode. Anxious.

Anonymous said: You know what annoys me about Greg, he never stops insulting his fans and they take it like its nothing!

"But he’s soooo right! And definitely doesn’t mean fans like me!"

He’ll have to insult them to their faces.

Anonymous said: Gerg has made four or five statuses about death on facebook. I think that's a bad sign in regards of him and Taytoe. Whenever one of his relationships end, he talks about dying a lot. He pulls the *I'm so depressed because we broke up, she ripped my heart out so I'm going to awkwardly fake cry in front of the camera while holding my chest and put you through one of the most uncomfortable minutes of your life* card. Their behavior suggests that they are not doing good at all. We'll know soon.

I reeeeally hope she leaves.